About Viala Training

Scott Viala is a fitness trainer in Kelowna BC. From his personal training start 21 years ago, to opening the 1st Steel Mace & Kettlebell gym in BC, learn more about Viala Training.

Kelowna Certified Personal Trainer, Scott Viala

Where I Began Personal Training

After years of training clients and writing training programs, I knew I wanted to become a certified Personal Trainer. In February 2006 I completed my first Personal Training certification through CanFit Pro.

After my first certification, I was determined to become the best Personal Trainer I could be. I would read and absorb everything I could training in the next few years. I took every certification I could find in person and online. I acquired my certification in Strength and Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, Fitness Nutrition, and RKC.

I was obsessed with training and becoming the best for myself and my clients. I began traveling and training under the best trainers in the industry. One of those trainers was Strength and Conditioning coach, Jonathan Chaimberg. I flew to Montreal for two weeks and trained under Jonathan and his high-level athletes. This was an absolute game-changer. Training with the best in the world gave me knowledge that was more beneficial than any of the certifications I had taken prior.

Discovering Steel Mace Training

I built my private gym to train my clients and myself. My training routine centered around using Kettlebells, Weightlifting, and Bodyweight Movements.

Then I came across something that instantly piqued my interest – the steel mace! I was fascinated by the movement and what it could do for myself and my clients. I immediately picked up a sledgehammer from my garage and tried to replicate the movements.

I searched the web for days to find a steel mace and came across Onnit. I ordered my first steel maces and got to work. The steel mace brought out something primal from my Viking ancestors. I instantly saw improvements in my mobility and total body strength.

In 2015 Onnit offered its first certification and I had to be a part of it. So once again hopped on a plane this time to Austin Texas and took the first Onnit Academy Certification. The time spent in Austin Texas was another game changer in how it impacted my training methods.

Personal Training in Kelowna, BC

I was living in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. I felt like I had accomplished everything I could and more and wanted a new challenge. So I sold my house, my businesses, and all my gym equipment (except a few steel maces) packed up my car and traveled across Canada to beautiful Kelowna, BC.

I didn’t know anything about Kelowna but I knew this was the place where I would grow as a trainer and grow my business. I started contracting out of an amazing gym called Global Fitness Center. The GM embraced my unconventional training and let me do my thing out of her gym. Within six months I had a stacked client roster.

After a year at the gym, I was by far the busiest trainer in the gym and probably the whole city. I continued to grow my business out of Global Fitness and enjoyed my time there focusing on my clients and training. But I wanted more, I wanted a new challenge. So I began to look online at different spaces to lease to open my gym.

When the world locked down on March 17th, 2020, Global closed its doors for “two weeks” and I knew this was the time to act. I took all my maces and Kettlebells home and trained my clients on my patio while I found my new gym.

I worked my ass off to find the perfect place for myself and my clients and finally came across the perfect spot in the best area of town. I moved fast and got the lease signed so I could give my clients want they deserved. I got the keys to the gym on June 1st and immediately got to work on renos so I could have my 1st clients in for June 5th.

Where Viala Training Is Today

A lot of people thought it was a bad idea to open a gym at the start of a pandemic. But I bet on myself and invested In the gym. I custom-built Viala Training with everything I needed and more. With the very best equipment from Rogue, White Lion Athletics, Onnit, Set For Set, and more.

Over two years into the new gym and things could not be better. I have a stacked client base of people from all walks of life that continue to grow and achieve their fitness goals. We have also added two trainers to the Viala Training family so we can help even more people get the best results possible. At Viala Training Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training is thriving.

Steel Mace & Kettlebell GYM in British Columbia
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Healthier & Fitter Students

Learn from A steel mace & Kettlebell specialist

Scott’s personal expertise goes well beyond what most people think of when they think personal trainer. Scott offers next-level knowledge on nutrition, health, and fitness.

Scott is not someone who pursues personal training as a passive interest and way to earn a living. For Scott, fitness and nutrition is a hardcore passion. A way of life. When you train with Scott, you’ll be coached by someone who understands every aspect of your physical health, and knows how to guide you to your goals safely, and effectively.


Train Using the best equipment in the world.

The Viala Training facility is located in downtown Kelowna at 1304 Water Street. When you train with us, you’ll be training with some of best equipment available. Steel maces, kettlebells, weights, and other gear from leading brands like Onnit, Rogue Fitness, Set For Set, and White Lion Athletics.


Student Comments About Scott

When you train with Scott Viala you become part of a community of fitness students from all kinds of backgrounds and experience levels. Here’s what a few of them said.

Scott is by far the best trainer in the Okanagan!.

Scott is by far the best trainer in the Okanagan! His workouts are different than any other training facility I have been to. He has without a doubt completely changed my lifestyle for the better.

Preet Shergill

Kelowna, BC

Scott makes me not hate working out.

Scott makes me not hate working out. His knowledge on fitness and nutrition is next level. The gym has a cool vibe with top end equipment. I’ve been a client for a few years! 10 / 10!

Brittany Hoffman

Kelowna, BC

five minutes into it, I knew I was hooked!

Five minutes into it, I knew I was hooked! I loved every minute of it. Never been part of a group training class and never worked with a steel mace. Blew me away… training that I can jam with!

The Local Chemist

Kelowna, BC